Pensacola Bay Living Shoreline Project

Project Description

The Pensacola Bay Living Shoreline project is funded under Phase III of Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment Early Restoration. The project is being jointly implemented by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The project would reduce shoreline erosion and construct salt marsh and reef habitats. The project will be located on City of Pensacola owned submerged lands which run along an urban shoreline in Pensacola Bay, Escambia County. The project has an estimated budget of $10.8 million.

Successful living shoreline projects have previously been implemented along this shoreline and have restored oyster reef, and provided salt marsh habitat, which are all important habitats that contribute to shoreline protection.  Originally the project was to be implemented at two neighboring sites: Project GreenShores (PGS) Site II and Sanders Beach.

Project GreenShores Site II

Project GreenShores Site II is located off Bayshore Blvd. immediately west of Muscogee Wharf in downtown Pensacola. Restoration activities include the placement and enhancement of breakwaters, linear structures made of natural materials such as rock and shell, to establish reef and salt marsh habitat. Due to a December 2016 project modification that removed the Sanders Beach component, the project will seek to restore between 6 to 8 acres of salt marsh and four acres of reef habitat at PGSII. The original project proposed to expand an existing breakwater approximately 100 feet and create between 0.8 to 8 acres of salt marsh habitat.

Sanders Beach

The Sanders Beach site is located three miles to the west, near the mouth of Bayou Chico. This project component was removed in December 2016. This component consisted of the Sanders Beach project site located along the city of Pensacola's shoreline east of Bayou Chico and near the Sanders Beach-Corinne Jones Community Center and Park. The original project proposed to establish reef habitat and salt marsh at the site. Construction would have included up to 2,400 feet of breakwaters segments with gaps between structures and between 10 to 18 acres of salt marsh habitat.

Current Status

Based on community feedback, the Florida Trustee Implementation Group (TIG), on December 9, 2016, removed the Sanders Beach site from the project and will only proceed with implementation at Project GreenShores Site II (PGSII). This project modification may include an increase in the number of acres of marsh and oyster reef habitat created at PGSII to restore as many acres of the original goal of 18.8 acres of salt marsh and 4 acres of reef habitat as determined to be practicable by engineering studies of PGSII.

Scheduled Meetings

No Meetings Scheduled at this Time.

Next Milestone

Approximate Construction Start:  October 2018
Approximate Construction Duration:  12-18 months

$10.8 Million
Total Estimated Cost

18.8 Acres
Approximate salt marsh habitat restored

Summer 2018
Estimated Completion Date

Heather Thomas
Marine Habitat Resource Specialist